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You can choose to have your money deposited within 24 hours into your PayPal account, or you can opt for a mailed check, which you’ll receive within 4 business days. It just doesn’t get any easier than that! - Let's Get Started!


About Us

We are the nation’s leading buyer of used MacBooks. We make it super-easy for you to get nearly instant cash for your old MacBook. Fill out an Instant QuOte Form and find out what your old MacBook is worth, mail back your MacBook in the postage-paid packaging we send you and within days, you’ll have your money. It’s a great way to sell a used MacBook, make money and recycle a valuable electronic item all at the same time.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re committed to getting you the most money for your used MacBook.
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  • Your privacy is protected. We erase all data on all phones upon receipt.

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Cash for MacBooks

Have you ever wondered how to sell an MacBook? When you’re ready to upgrade, what will you do with your current MacBook? Give it to your teenager? Donate it to charity? Put it on eBay? Or toss it? If you don’t have a teenager, the other options are awfully time-consuming---or risky. Now you don’t have to wait out an auction to see how much your MacBook is worth. You can find out instantly and easily, simply by completing an Instant Quote Form. Then, all you do is sit back and collect your money! We’ll even provide the postage-paid packaging to use to ship your MacBook to us.